4 Simple Ways to Take Good Care of the Car

Care of The Car : Tips Take Good car to Stay Healthy And Top Condition

Take Good Care

In order to make the car stay healthy and always in top condition is indeed required maximum car care thoroughly. But of course not everyone has the time or the habit of taking care of the car in detail. For those of you who don’t have the time there are some important things on the car you have to care and should not be ignored.


Not just used car already elderly who need care, car new also requires periodic care well and true, applies to car type automatic or a car with a manual transmission. Car engine maintenance is easy i.e. checked periodically on engine oil, air filter and radiator fluid, and spurred a car with reasonably.

The following 4 simple ways to take good care of the car

1-oil change intervals
The performance of an engine depends heavily with care on this one. To maintain the condition of the car’s engine to prima car mandatory should oil be replaced at regular intervals and in a timely manner in accordance with the standard rules of each car type, generally the replacement of oil after the vehicle drove 3000 km to 5,000 km.

Besides the selection of the right oil in accordance with the requirements of the standard car’s engine can avoid the occurrence of excess heat in the car’s engine. Oil is very important against the resilience of a car’s engine, where the oil has a role holding the friction that occurs on a machine.

2-check the radiator fluid or coolant
The role of the radiator is very important to neutralize the heat engine of the car. If the water radiator is empty not just cause damage to the machine, but it can also be dangerous to drivers of vehicles. Void water on the radiator will cause heat called overheat the engine. See how important the radiator towards the engine condition, then it should check the water in the radiator of your car on a regular basis.

3-clean the filter carburizing
One of the factors cause the car engine sometimes hard-switched on, among others, is a sieve that dirty car filter carburizing. Clean the strainer filter carburizing is not difficult to simply use a toothbrush to remove the crust and dirt sticking on saurian. Avoid the use of a hairdryer or compressor clean filter carburizing this would risk incurring damage to the filter layer carburizing.

4-runway of your car
The car’s engine used in the prolonged period will certainly produce a crust on some part of the machine. To cope with it, pretty easy to spur vehicle with stepped on the gas more deeply so that the crust is present on the machine could be out through the exhaust. Of course you should pay attention to the security drive when attempting to spur your vehicle faster. that’s all how to take care of your car.

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