Business Car Insurance Details

Business Car Insurance Details

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Business Car Insurance Details


Business car insurance industry depends on the growth of the vehicle itself. The bigger the vehicle is sold, the insurance will also be getting a much-needed public transport users. Factor of growth in the number of vehicles sold in the market is influenced by the industry in the finance companies that provide ease of buying a car on credit.

Entering 2015, the business car insurance industry is slowing, a bit of an impact on premium income of motor vehicle insurance company. Unfortunately again, is currently being deliberated by the rules of the Financial Services Authority of the policy premiums that insurers cannot raise or lower the premiums that have been set at the Financial Services Authority. In fact, the determination of the premium rate is also profitable insurance company. The plus premium rate fixing this cause underwriting results from several insurance companies increased. This is a challenge for insurance companies to keep growing. In the third quarter a year earlier, business auto insurance contributions are composed of automobile and motorcycle insurance average national growth.

Vehicle Sales
Currently the largest premium contribution for business car insurance companies that have some insurance products are still a lot coming from motor vehicle insurance which amounts to 60% of the remainder coming from non-premium vehicles. Vehicle business insurance news is still very interesting because in general vehicle insurance premiums holding portions 65% and 35% of non-vehicle. Motor vehicle insurance premium income is generally in line with the growth in unit sales of vehicles, one of which through finance.

In addition, the total premium is also affected by the market price of the vehicle which formed the basis for the business car insurance coverage. So other than the market price, is also influenced by the level of the renewal of the vehicle.

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