Buying a Car: How to Avoid Scams

How To Avoid Scam When You Buying Car

How To Avoid Scam When You Buying Car

In My City, it sells today three used car for a new one. A vast and cheap juicy that attracts since always the swindlers in any genre, with the passive complicity of buyers sometimes much too easy to fool. Here are some fraudulent basic but effective tips.


Well to inspect his future car

Controls should always be carried out in broad daylight. Refuse an appointment the evening or in poorly lit places. In the half-light, scratches and defects are not detectable. And in the rain, all bodies shine, while that – Miracle! -the stripes fade all alone… You should inspect the exterior, the Interior and engine. Prepare a complete checklist; you will avoid forgetting sensitive points. Be particularly careful to equipment not seen by the technical control (ice and electric roof, carpets…).

Request invoices
They give an idea of the maintenance which was brought to the car through the replacement of wear parts. Raise the names of garages. So much the better if it is always the same institution and that it is part of the network of the brand.

Next Steps Buying a car: how to avoid scams

Make a test
Under no circumstances should you buy a car without trying it on the road, especially if it is an individual. Pay attention to the noise. It must be regular. The motor turns round? Also check the good operation of the clutch and the gearbox. Any noise should alert you. Made drive owner to meet any bad habits to the level of the clutch and the gearbox and the allure of passage of the bumps. If the seller refuses for reasons of insurance, flee even if you’re disappointed to miss the “good deal”. It may be a scam.

Recognize a stolen car
Be sure that the car serial number noted on the gray card is the same as that shown on the chassis. Traces of blows may indicate that false numbers have been hit. The game at the level of the steering column can reveal a fracture of a Neiman. Trace level of kegs of doors, new door seals may also be suspect.

Locate a car
A passage to the marble leaves traces of clips on the bottom of Cabinet. Be vigilant. A new paint can be a layer of pageantry performed after an accident. Beware if the hood or doors are not properly aligned. This may be a clue. The sheet metal must be smooth, without a trace of blows or blisters due to rust.

Suspect a doctored counter
According the European authorities, at least 5% of the counters sold used cars enjoy rejuvenation. On an old car, check that the rollers with numbers are correctly aligned between them. Otherwise, this may mean that the counter has been “reviewed” downward with a screwdriver. For electronic meters digital, even easier to tamper with, it is undetectable without a visit to concession, and yet… A tip Paradisiac to flush out the scam: make sure that the indicated mileage is not lower than that of the label of the last drain stuck on the oil sump.

Deposit and payments: what’s the difference?
Always prefer a deposit. Indeed, if payments have been paid, the sale is assumed irremediable and neither the buyer nor the seller of the vehicle may withdraw. In principle, only a court decision allows to cancel the sale to make null and void the purchase order.

On the other hand, it is possible to withdraw if deposits have been paid. The principle is simple: the buyer of the car loses its deposit if it is he who wants to stop the transaction. On the other hand, retrieves them – with a double amount – if it is the vendor who has changed position. thank’s For readed how to avoid scams article here.

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