Limo Service Los Angeles: the Anytime Limousine

Limo Service in Los Angeles

Limo Service in Los Angeles

Having a party inside a car? It is not impossible thing to do if you hire limo service Los Angeles called the Anytime Limousine. Its service covers anything you need for your intended party plan. You can just order what you need and it will prepare everything for you. Its limousine cars have been designed with wonderful inside that gives you the real atmosphere for being in a club. The passengers allowed in range from 4 to 36 people. Let’s see two of its biggest limousine car in the limo service Los Angeles.


Ford F650 Party Bus
Ford F650 Party Bus is the biggest Anytime Limo service Los Angeles car and as you might have guessed, this car can hold passengers up to 36 people. Rather than a car, it might be near to a bus. Why not? It is long and rectangle. That is why it is called party bus. Speaking about its outer appearance, it might look plain since it is only painted with white tone only. However, don’t judge thing by its cover. Limo service Los Angeles prioritizes the inside and makes it as great as possible.

The inside of this car is indeed wonderful. This limo service Los Angeles car designed with modern style with leather long seats and it also has color change ceiling. With disco laser light and dancing pole, it successfully creates club atmosphere. LA limo service is great to the extent for giving 4 TVs; one 42”, one 32”, and two 22”. What you can ask more from limo service Los Angeles like this? You have both complete service and setting and chauffeur that will make sure the safety and take you anywhere you want.

Freightliner Party Bus
Freightliner Party Bus is the second biggest Anytime limo service Los Angeles car for it can hold up to 30 passengers. Basically, its outer appearance is not too different than the first limousine. However, it has golden artistic pattern to decorate the white tone that makes this car look cool. The inside to boot, has cooler service it can offer to you. Limo service in Los Angeles is amazing. Even in this car, it gives you privacy with window shades to have proper club look. Limo service Los Angeles like this will surely satisfy its passengers.

There are leather modern long seats, 42” and 32” TVs, sound systems for DVD, and even iPod connection. What’s more from this limo service Los Angeles? You will be offered with color change ceiling that can change up to 6 different colors. Laser show and dancing pole that is removable have contributed even more to make party atmosphere. Furthermore, there are three ice buckets to store your drinks, thus they will be able to satisfy your thirst anytime. Limo service Los Angeles like this might be more than perfect, don’t you think?

Actually, the Anytime limo service Los Angeles has 13 limousine cars you can pick based on how much passengers that will be riding it. Each car has their own great service that will surely make you satisfied with them. It is even said that the Anytime Limousine has good reputation for being the one which provides everything with its professionalism. Hire limo service Los Angeles and you will have private club on your own.

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