Limo Service San Diego: The Skye Limousine

limo service in san diego

Limo service San Diego

Limo service San Diego sure is various and there are many of them. If you are looking for the one that is complete with certain packages, then the Skye Limousine is what you are looking for. Its cars are intended for various purposes, like getting a ride from airport, entertaining clients, getting married, and spending a night on the town. Limo service San Diego can always satisfy you with its wonderful cars, features, and services. Let’s see the Skye’s cars below.


Chrysler 300 Luxury Stretch
Chrysler 300 Luxury Stretch is the Skye Limo service San Diego largest one of 6 fleets provided. It stretches up to 140”. Although it might not suit for business purpose, it is actually meant for spending night on the town, tour, wedding, sporting event, and even concert. As for the outer appearance, although it is considered as the largest, it does not look like a bus like in Los Angeles Limousine service. Limo service San Diego, the Skye also prioritizes the inside look and service.

This limo service San Diego’s car has inside look of a bar. It has long limo seat that faces full length bar table with ice, bottled water, champagne buckets, tumblers, and flutes. For giving bar atmosphere, the bar table is designed with lighting fiber optic, laser light, and strobe. 20” DVD monitor and sound system are offered to entertain you even more too. Limo service San Diego like this might be small, but is capable to give personal bar to you.

Excursion SUV Stretch
The best limo in the Limo service San Diego is Chrysler 300 Luxury Stretch which can hold 10 passengers. It is good for wedding, tour, journey, or night purpose. Furthermore, it has almost the same outer look with the previous car, but it differs in its color. The first might be pure in white, but this one is cool in black. Choose which you like the most. Going to the inside part, actually it has almost the same features as the previous limo service San Diego’s car.

The feature in Limo service San Diego consists of full length bar table with ice, bottled water, champagne buckets, tumblers, and flutes. It is also designed with lighting fiber optics to give more bar look. As for the entertainment, there is sound system DVD monitor to keep you full in sound, just like how bar is supposed to be. Limo service San Diego, the Skye can also be hired by ordering packages alongside with the car. Thus, you can just order which package you want and the company will prepare everything you need on the car.

The package options are prom Limo service San Diego package San Diego concert limo packages, Temecula winery tour limo packages, wedding bridal package, San Diego padres limo packages, San Diego chargers limo packages, del mar races limo package, and San Diego holiday lights tour. Not all Skye’s cars can be ordered with all those packages though. Even so, limo service San Diego, the Skye can be considered wonderful in all of its service.

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