Modified Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance


Modified Car Insurance – Car insurance is a facility that can reduce or prevent losses to be borne by the owner of the car during a disaster (accident, or even losing) override his car or his modified car insurance. The facility can be purchased on personal desires, or become a mandatory requirement for those who do purchase a car on credit. Insurance benefits would increasingly common and increasingly recognized. And also with a sense of security and peace of ownership are obtained. However, if everyone could understand the claims process to be faced when disaster comes? Therefore, in addition to knowing what the benefits to be derived from insurance, also understand the procedures that must be done to get it.


Here is the procedure you need to do in filing insurance claims
First, if there has been a disaster that befell your modified car insurance, report the incident to the insurance company as soon as possible. Second, prepare attachment chronology of events. Third, make a report of loss at the police station. Fourth, complete supporting documents such as the identity of the other driver involved in the incident, and so on. Fifth, make sure that the insurance company issued a letter to make improvements in the workshop with the specialist modified car insurance. And lastly, it is advisable to carry out repairs in authorized workshops to ensure quality standards of work and costs.

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Although modified car insurance is guaranteed, under certain conditions the insurer has the right to reject the claim. The following are the things you need to avoid to prevent rejection of the claim; First, Proven under the influence of alcohol, drugs or the like while driving. Second is doing traffic offenses such as running red lights, against the direction and so when the incident took place. Third, driver’s license validity period has ended.

Policy effective period has exceeded the time limit specified, while the insurance company has cast a renewal notice before. Fourth is doing modification or replacement of the technical components of the vehicle such as the engine, turbocharger, and so on without the consent or endorsement in the policy. Fifth, have two different modified car insurance policies for the objects and the last one, to consider that all risks have insurance. Keep in mind that insurance coverage tailored to the initial agreement although your car is famous car insurance.


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