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Personal Injury Claims – The purpose of buying car insurance is to provide protection against physical damage to your car insured, whether caused by a collision with another vehicle or with certain objects such as fences homes, pole, wall, etc. In addition to physical damage to your insured car, accident claim car insurance also protects the car owner is financially against the risk of loss due to theft of the car. Actually, according to the personal injury claims rules, every car or personal vehicle must be insured so that it can be considered valid as proprietary. Perhaps many of you who have heard the general terms contained in auto insurance, premiums, policy, insurance coverage and claims. But surely many of you who do not really know about the workings of the terms of the car insurance. Determines the workings of each term car insurance, please read the explanation that I will give below:

Insurance Policy
The products you purchase from personal injury claims insurance company to protect your car is an insurance policy. This insurance policy is a legal agreement between the written laws with your insurance company as a client. The insurance company will explain in details about dependents, the terms and conditions of the contract, as well as the costs you have to pay for this kind of dependents/guarantee that you choose.

Insurance Claims
Is filing insurance claims for personal injury compensation that you submit to the insurance company issuer of your car insurance policy, when a car or vehicle that you insure the unfortunate who can be covered by your car insurance. You file a claim with your auto insurance company to compensate for the damage to your personal injury claims in accordance with the applicable provisions of your car insurance policy.

Guarantee Insurance
Insurance is a guarantee given by the personal injury claims insurance company in accordance with the insurance premiums that you select. Insurance covers the types of insurance coverage and the total cost of which is borne by the company listed in the details of the insurance policy.


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