Points to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Checking Important Points Before You Buy a Used Car

Checking Important Points Before You Buy a Used Car
Regardless of the mileage of a vehicle, its purchase is always a genuine pleasure. It needs to quickly find them behind the wheel. But watch out for the traps. And even if the purchase at a “pro” (against which it is easier to play an action) requires less vigilance than whether it was an individual, stay always wary and watchful. And remember: it is better to miss a good deal that make a bad.

The record of the vehicle
When you buy a used car, you must seek to know the life of the vehicle. If it is a ‘first hand’, this will probably not pose too many problems. The owner will probably introduce you filled in due form maintenance book. On the other hand, it is not easy to get parts that tell the life of the vehicle if it has changed several times owner. In this case, leave nothing to chance and peel the lower Bill.


The service book
Thanks to him, you will know whether the revisions have scrupulously performed at times recommended by the manufacturer. You will have knowledge of the basic controls and you can also find out whether mechanical operations of importance have been achieved. Example: replacement of parts as the timing belt. If the seller is unable to present the book, distrust. The vehicle may not receive necessary care to proper operation and longevity. If it is a ‘pro’, it may reassure you by offering you a guarantee.

They give an idea of the maintenance which was brought to the car through the replacement of wear parts (tires, brake pads, exhaust, suspension, etc.). Raise the names of garages. So much the better if it is always the same institution and that it is part of the network of the brand. The vehicle will have probably been more careful care than if it had been filed in different specialized centers.

If you find yourself facing a professional seller, you learn once again a little more. It will clearly tell you the different operations already performed and you will possibly draw up the list of the mechanical work that it would be desirable to achieve in the near future.

The instructions of the manufacturer
This is not a detail. This book edge (user booklet), a real mode of use of the vehicle, is essential to understand all its features. You’ll find, for example, the number of liters of fuel remaining in the tank when the light signal indicates that you are on the reserve.

The static review
This exam is decisive in the purchasing process. If you are not an expert, please feel free to accompany a friend who knows well the mechanics. His advice will be useful. You should inspect your future car under the seams: external and internal. These controls shall be carried out in broad daylight. Refuse an appointment at 8 p.m. a winter night. In the dark and in the rain, scratches and defects are not detectable.

If you buy a ‘pro’, you will at least have the certainty to see the vehicle in broad daylight. Furthermore, professional committed his brand and the reputation of his institution by exposing second-hand cars in its premises. It cannot afford to present a model in poor condition. Will have previously been prepared.

Inspection of referenced below points to avoid falling on a car ‘bomb’ and make some savings. Indeed, whether it’s a “pro” or a particular vendor will include that the transaction will be not that easy to conclude if you unearth a few imperfections. A damaged joint, a stained seat, and you can still try to claim a small reduction.

A new paint: it is possible that the seller honestly wished to make an effort to quickly get rid of his car. But beware; a layer of pageantry may reveal an accident and a passage to the marble. Beware if the hood or doors are not properly aligned. This may be a clue. The sheet metal must be smooth, without a trace of blows or blisters due to rust. Remember what straighten sheet will cost you a few hundred euros.

Rust: second-hand cars of today no longer pose as formerly important points of rust. The bodies are more resistant. But look still the inner faces of the doors, the surroundings of glass, the rocker, the passages of wings and l floor.

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