Semen Padang High School Ready to Follow The Final Examination Clearly

Semen Padang High School Ready to Follow The Final Examination Clearly

STUDY HARD: Semen Padang high school has a good manner to preparation the final examination

As we know,the final examination will be held on date 4 until 7 april. The all of high school must be preparate their students to follow the final examination well,to get a good value of their ability.

Semen Padang high school has a good manner to prepare their students to follow the final examination. It is just not begin on the second semester,but it is prepare far of the day. Began on the first semester ,when the students sit on class XII.


On the class XII , as usual at the one first month they are full to study,and then at the second month about september ,they has additional study schedule especially about final examinations theory including english ,mathematichs and then indonesian subjects every afternoon.

When they has accept their report or value result of the firsth semester on january. For Semen Padang high school ,it is non stop to exam . Because on january there are the practice , final examination and school examination . To preparing that’s all,they are keep have the additional study.

It means , their additional study begin on listening , and then picture and the all of that connect with english subject always they have, after their base study had done.

ab, but they are focus to final examination. Before final examination, begin on the morning till done , they just have study about three important subjects,such as ; english subject, mathematichs, and indonesian subject. And then followed the practice if needed.

“not only that, we are also joint with GAMA ,which there is a writing book about final examination . for it, we have a ‘TRY OUT’ to increase their knowledge to able to follow the final examination.” said Mrs.Desi as a teacher of Semen Padang high school.

Beside that, because they need the concetrate to follow the final exam,they are also have a spiritual preparation and physicology preparation at the mosque.

On the other hand, they are also have a small out board ,it will be hwld on Friday .or three days before final examination. They have one day to refreshing on Sunday and then they ready to follow the exam on Monday.

We are talk about Semen Padang hihg school,so How About The Graduate Percentation of this school?

About two last years, tha graduate percentate is considered by the school ,difference with before in year 2014, it is considered by final examination.

About two last years,graduate percentate of Semen Padang high school is 100 % . It is get of school examination’s value and the student behaviour .

Futhermore,final examination just as the determines,suitable or not a student to continue his study to the university .for example , if a student only get the value under 5 ,so he must replay to exam again.

Although this school has a purpose to get a job,but many of students of this school that continue their education at some university . And it will be make them be the best more. (Anggy Putri Nasti)

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