The Steps to Get The Grey Card For New Car

The Steps to Get The Grey Card When New Car Purchase In France

Get The Grey Card – The first purchase of a vehicle (new or used) has a lot of inconvenience. Once the vehicle is acquired, the first administrative step is the certificate registration, better known under the name of grey card. Where to get it? What parts provide? To what amount? Carin-s guides you through the steps of obtaining.

Get The Grey Card

The certificate of registration, more commonly known as “Gray card” and European since January 2004, is a mandatory document to the putting into circulation of a vehicle. It allows identifying the vehicle, its features, its compliance as well as the identity of the owner. It can be requested during a police check. The gray card is valid for the duration of use of the vehicle by its owner.

When do I apply?
When buying a new vehicle, you are required to make the gray card before travelling with under penalty of fine. If it is a used vehicle, you have one month to make the administrative approach.

Where to go?
In the case of the purchase of a new car, the dealer takes care generally (and the same offer sometimes) administrative procedures. If not, you have to follow the following steps.
The formalities of registration certificate can be accomplished:

In all prefectures of the departments from the new national numbering or sub-prefectures. And not only in that has which depended of the claimant’s domicile At the Town Hall in some cities The prefecture of police or the antenna of the prefecture of police in the district if it is in Paris.

The documents to be provided
In the case of a new vehicle purchased in France:

The constructor gave the owner of the vehicle, the document CERFA “3 in 1”, also referred to as ‘application for a certificate of registration of a vehicle nine ready to use not exceeding 3.5 tones’

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Regulation in check or cash of the amount of the tax

In the case of a used vehicle purchased in France:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • The gray card signed by the former owner and barred
  • An application for certificate of registration (downloadable or available in the prefecture)
  • The assignment certificate issued by the former owner (downloadable or available in the prefecture)

The administrative situation (ex “indemnification”) certificate provided by the previous owner. Some prefectures require more and consult it directly in the creation of the gray card. However Dispose is preferable since it proves you to purchase the vehicle is not pledged.

  • A technical control of less than 6 months if the vehicle has more than 4 years
  • Regulation in check cash of the amount of the tax (CB if equipped)

The steps to get the grey card

Application for certificate of registration of a vehicle

The price and the issuance of the gray card
The amount of the gray card varies depending on the fiscal horsepower of the vehicle and the region in which the vehicle is registered. For example, in the region Ile-de-France the amount tax horse is € 46.15. If you gather all the necessary parts and you manage to endure two or three hours of waiting, obtaining a provisional Gray card of one month is immediate. The final document will arrive by post in recommended two to three days later to your home.

Specific cases
In the case of a vehicle purchased abroad (in Europe):

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • An application of registration certificate
  • A certificate of transfer of the vehicle
  • A certificate of conformity issued in the country of origin or an attestation issued identification either by the manufacturer or his representative in France, either by the DRIRE
  • A certificate of purchase of the vehicle (tax discharge) issued by the tax services

In the case of a vehicle purchased abroad (outside Europe):

Same as above with in more a certificate of clearance (846)

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